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Commercial Dog Walker Certification Course
Citizen Hound SF Dog Walking
Monday - Friday            10am - 4pm
Contact The CDW Certification Course
David Levin - (806) 787-4839
Erik Rodgers - (415) 797-8113

SuperDog City Dog Walking
Corey Vitale - (415) 906-6121

Q: Will this complete my permitting process? 
A: No

The Commercial Dog Walker Certification Course is designed to satisfy one of the requirements listed under the new regulations of the Animal Care and Control (ACC) and Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) in San Francisco, CA; that you graduate from a 20-hr professional dog walker certification course or 40-hr pro dog walker mentorship program. Our commercial dog walker (CDW) classes are taught by industry professionals in the San Francisco dog walking community. This CDW course will send professional dog walker graduates out into the field with all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed on their own. Completing this commercial dog walker training course will not complete the permitting process required of the two governing entities but we are happy to help you complete your packet after you're done. Obtaining a San Francisco dog walking permit is your responsibility, and you should make sure you are able to complete the rest of the requirements under the legislation before beginning our course! 
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: When does your website update your class offerings?
A: Unfortunately we don't have the ability to offer classes on a regular schedule. We list classes only when we're able to host them. Please contact us if you're interested because oftentimes we just wait for enough people to express interest to host a group.